About the island of Krk

About the island of Krk

The island of Krk, legend and reality

Among 1185 Croatian islands only one is golden, Insula Aurea – the island of Krk. Located in the center of Kvarner Bay, recognized as one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Mild Mediterranean climate, favorable geographic location and diversity of natural and cultural beauties, all of this, as early as in romantic age, earned Krk the name of “Golden island”. Cultural heritage earned yet another name to the island – a cradle of Croatian culture, while in the beginning of the 20th century it was called „sixth continent“.

The 45th parallel goes here, while the maximal length of the island is 38 km, and maximal width 20 km. Its coast is 190 km long. The nearest land is only 100 m away, where there are nearby islands of Cres, Goli and Rab; a number of isles belong to Krk (the biggest being Plavnik 17 km long, and the smallest Školjić with only 400 m of coast the terrain is unusually diverse, going up from NW to SE – from picturesque friendly creeks and coves through fertile fields and thick woods with submediterranean vegetation, to bare karsh and true mountain landscape. There are three streams and two lakes here on the island as well.

On the highest mountain top Obzovi (570 m), a visitor forgets to be on the island. There are also a number of different phenomena here – for instance the flora of Krk comprises 1400 types of land plants, almost a half of the entire Croatian flora. A unique plant “Barbašova lazarkinja” is a world rarity, growing only in the Baška cove.

Fauna also includes some rarities, for example birds, from eagles/griffons to oriental steppe nestling “Vrški tić”. The complex contrast of natural characteristics is combined with Mediterranean climate − warm summers and mild winters, a cold land wind from NE called bora and a wet wind called jugo as well as the refreshing western wind maestral.

Literally all roads lead to Krk – from the land − across the Krk Bridge; from the sea – by ships docking at ports or small ports, and ferries docking at Valbiska port; from the air – by plane landing at Rijeka Airport near Omišalj.

Krk is only 30 km away from Rijeka, which is a transport, business, market, university and cultural center of Kvarner. No matter the road you choose, when you come here, you will see the golden island of Krk is unique for its diversity. It is a combination of the present and the past, modernity and archaicity, legend and reality.

Back from the ancient times it has been believed how Krk is symbolically linked to the number 7: inhabited by Croats in 7th century, defended from pirates 7 times, while the last Krk's count was Frankopan, the 7th in the row. In addition, Krk has 7 centers today.

Discover our island – get to know its magic and richness in any season: take a cruise along its beautiful diverse places, visit thousand-year old monuments, museums and galleries. Breathe the healthy air strolling down romantic alleys along the sea or wild shepherd's paths of the rocky area. Enjoy the magical tastes of Krk's cuisine and subtle taste of the local wine. Use your staying for the pleasures the whole island gives in its rich and diverse accommodation, tourist and catering offer.


Soline, Baška Tablet, Veli Vrh, Biserujka, Košljun, The City of Krk, Krk Cathedral, Frankopanski Kaštel, Vrbnik - Vrbnička Žlahtina.

minimal number of stays is 7 days
less than 7 days UPON REQUEST
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  • Accomodation for 9 persons
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 2 extra beds
  • Fitness
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private parking
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Bio sauna
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